Curious or Furious?: The Power of Streamlined DevOps for GovAgency Teams


Come join Drupal developer and Esteemed Colleague Bronius Motekaitis as he shares the challenges and presents solutions for DevOps in team and agency settings.

In this session, he’ll discuss the benefits of workflow DevOps and share practical examples of how to leverage team collaboration on Drupal code projects to overcome common pitfalls and challenges. If you work solo or are managing a small but growing agency, this talk is for you.

We will cover single-source-of-truth documentation amidst changing requirements, code repository management for multiple cooks in the kitchen, as well as multiple dev and deployment environments, MVP, hotfixes, and feature development. This session will feature conceptual diagrams as opposed to hands-on code. After the talk, you’ll have gained the skills to make team-specific decisions on the implementation of workflows, technologies, or products.

As it’s Drupal GovCon, we will talk about:
* Drupal Configuration
* Content
* Merge Conflicts

You will be able to immediately apply these methods to your own projects to improve team cohesion and effective collaboration across your projects and experience more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

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