Document Your Site and Content Model


The session will cover best practices for documenting a large Drupal site. A well documented site has no surprises. A well documented site has developers and product owners that don't say things like "I don't remember why we did that." "There was a reason we did X, but the only person that knew why, left 2 yrs ago."
Topics include:
* How to make Drupal self-documenting
* How to document content models
* Why document a site
* What to document
* Where to document
* What tools can help us document
The examples used in this session come from work done on the CMS that powers for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The session is for product owners, product managers, content designers, UX designers, developers, site builders and support personnel of any experience level.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.