How to Tackle Content Migration with Ease

Jeanette Stair
Heather Burke

Of the many tasks you will tackle in the course of launching a new website, one of the most important ones is content migration: the process of populating your new website with the content that is going to tell your story. Once the website is built—the scaffolding, structure, and design—your content is what brings it to life.

As you start adding up all the pages and posts and images and assets on your website, all of a sudden it may no longer seem so simple a task.

In this session, we’ll discuss the following:

* Guiding principles and tips to help you feel empowered and organized as you head into this pivotal process.
* Building your content team: who needs to be involved, how decisions are made
* The biggest challenges you’re likely to face and may not yet have considered

Participants will walk away with tangible next steps and feel confident about what questions to ask and how to plan for a future content migration.

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