Revealing Insights: Transforming Drupal Data into Smart Decisions

Ivonne Carrillo

Drupal, a digital experience platform, serves as an invaluable tool for content management, system integration, and information tracking. In this session, we'll unravel the magic of transforming Drupal data to fuel custom analyses and practical visualizations that empower business decisions.

Join me as I guide you through the art of harnessing Drupal's data to create actionable insights. We'll explore how data can be your compass for making informed choices.

In this talk, I'll walk you through the collaboration between data scientists and web developers. Each data source in Drupal – be it entities, views, custom tables, files, or system logs – demands a tailored approach. We'll discuss how we need to work closely with developers and stakeholders to shape the best strategy for each unique data puzzle.

I will also share recommendations about data products and how they interact with Drupal, all molded to resonate with your audience's needs. We'll put human-centered design at the forefront, ensuring your solutions hit the mark.

But at the heart of it all, I will focus on the data work, understanding data-driven decision-making, demystify technical jargon, and identifying key data points to build impactful insights.

Join me in this exploration of transforming Drupal data into smart decisions. Your data has stories to tell – let's bring them to light together.

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