Comparing Layout Systems - Backdrop CMS vs Drupal

Modern Drupal and Backdrop CMS have both made major changes/improvements in how they manage layouts, both of which require a significant mind shift from the days of Drupal 7. In this session we'll compare and contrast the two approaches to layouts and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each system. We'll look towards the future and discuss opportunities for improvement and what the two systems can learn from each other.

This session is designed to help site builders and site architects understand the difference between these two systems and decide which one works best for different projects. We also hope to inspire developers with ideas for improvements.

Tim Erickson
CEO @ Triplo LLC
I do Drupal and Backdrop CMS. My hobbies include juggling, board games, biking, storytelling, and improv (mostly as spectator).

I am a member of the Backdrop CMS Project Management Committee.

I love Midcamp!

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