The Drupal API Client

Funded as part of the Pitch-burg Innovation Contest, The Drupal API Client project aims to assemble a group of contributors in order to combine the best of existing Drupal API clients into a set of utilities that can both address common use cases with little configuration, and also be extended to support the needs of a diverse JavaScript ecosystem.

We've made substantial progress since initially proposing this project at DrupalCon Pittsburgh, and we're excited to update the community on what we've accomplished. We'll discuss:

A recap of why we believe that this is an important problem to solve for the Drupal community.
The scope of our commitment as a result of Pitch-burgh funding.
Our releases thus far:
The JSON:API Client 'Vertical Slice' POC
The JSON:API Client 1.0 release
Real world examples of using the JSON:API Client with the JavaScript framework of your choice.
An update on our goal of publishing this package under the Drupal namespace on NPM.
Details on how you can contribute and provide feedback at MidCamp.

Sr. Front-End Developer @ Chapter Three
Brian is a versatile developer with experience building complex, interactive web applications in support of large-scale localized sites. Recently he has focused his efforts on evolving Drupal front-end development practices, decoupled Drupal, and style guide development techniques and has spoken on the topic at various Drupal events. Brian is a Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Acquia Certified Grand Master and loves all things Nintendo.

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