Elevate Your Approval Processes: Mastering Complex Workflows | Bob McDonald | MidCamp 2024

Workflows in Drupal, can be a challenge, but can also solve many a problem. Beyond just editorial workflow, you can build fully-featured approval processes with complex business logic. I've used them in to help non-profits simplify travel approvals, facilitate complex academic publishing processes, vet fundraising proposals, and in a system to match donations to newcomers to Canada with appropriate agencies to distribute these donations. This broad experience has helped me identify tools that are effective and versatile.

Creating workflows that succeed at helping all parties understand the state of each approval, who needs to take action next, and what will happen after they click a button is a holistic challenge. It requires a highly consultative, transparent, and iterative approach. This session will focus on tactics and key considerations to make your next project better for the people who use it.

Some key areas we'll discuss include:

* What to do when business logic determines what the approval steps are, or who the approver should be
* Tips for making sure users always know what is happening
* Handling notifications and reminders.
* Interfaces for types of approval

I'm excited to share the valuable insights I've gained over years of developing advanced workflows in Drupal. Join the session for practical tips and best practices. Let me help you enhance your workflows!

Presented at MidCamp 2024 by:
Bob McDonald
Senior Drupal Architect @ Kalamuna


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