Prompt Engineering, Generative AI, and Drupal

News about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ways it is transforming numerous industries is everywhere. As power and capabilities of AI-based tools continue to grow, the pace of these changes will only accelerate. The good news is that by mastering these tools and using them to make you better at the work you do, you can make AI a source of job security.

The key to getting the most from AI-based tools is an understanding of the emerging discipline or Prompt Engineering: how to structure the interaction with your Large Language Model (LLM) of choice to get the best quality result.

This talk will cover the basic concepts needed to successfully work with AI tools, with a deeper dive on the fundamentals of Prompt Engineering. We will also look at how you can build on and apply your knowledge of Prompt Engineering with Drupal, allowing your content authors and editors to leverage the power of AI and get optimized results, even for specialized use cases.

Martin Anderson-Clutz
Senior Solutions Engineer @ Acquia
In late 2005 Martin started using the Drupal CMS and found it powerful and easy to work with. He began attending meetings of Drupal User Groups in Toronto and Waterloo, Ontario, eventually starting a group in London. Currently employed by Acquia, Martin is now Triple Certified for Drupal as well being certified for a variety of other Acquia products, in addition to being UX certified by the world-renowned Nielsen Norman Group. Martin has spoken at various user groups, local Drupalcamps, and Drupalcons. He has also appeared on the Talking Drupal podcast as a guest and host, and has blogs published on and a handful of other sites.

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