Replacing Your Engine: Rules to ECA

Rules was the easiest way for a site builder to create conditionally triggered actions (reactive rules) in Drupal 7. However, Rules development has been slower for Drupal 8+ and is still in alpha release eight years after Drupal 8’s release. While Rules is more known and still has more installs, a new rules engine for creating reactive rules has emerged with a ton of steam and support behind it in Drupal 10 and beyond: ECA: Event - Condition - Action.

In this session, we’ll dive into the process of creating reactive rules in ECA, how that compares and contrasts with Rules, and see how easy it is to rebuild your reactive rules with this new engine in Drupal 10. Afterwards, you'll be able to:

Create reactive rules on your Drupal 10 site using a GUI
Rebuild your Drupal 7 Rules in Drupal 10 ECA models
Develop reactive rules using different available ECA modelers
Target audience: Site builders looking to migrate their Rules-intensive Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10; also intermediate site builders looking to take the next step by creating reactive rules on their sites

Prerequisites: Site builders with experience using the Drupal admin interface; experience creating Rules in Drupal 7 is encouraged but not required

Jake Ineichen
Digital Services Librarian @ Madison Public Library

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