Unburdening Teams, Unleashing Potential: New Strategies for Digital Agency Success

Over the past few years, I've had numerous off-the-record conversations with digital agency owners about the challenges in running their businesses, such as:

- Pressure to keep rates low while expenses rise
- Team members feeling overburdened with work
- Rising competition for senior-level talent
- Limited time/resources for professional development
- Senior manager and executive burnout

Many of these issues stem from the traditional agency model, which pressures team members, managers, and executives to maximize utilization, often at the expense of team health and work quality.

The good news? There's another way. At Palantir.net, we've spent the last six years reinventing our company, giving our teams space and autonomy to be fully engaged with each other and clients. This has helped to unleash the potential of our team, leading to increased employee/client satisfaction, better financial/operational sustainability, and improved project outcomes.

This session will cover some of the changes we've implemented, including alternative team allocation and billing models, a coaching model for career development, and techniques for self-organization, that give teams more autonomy and more control over their ways of working. We'll also discuss how we work to foster a growth mindset, develop junior talent, and support professional growth and contribution.

Join us to learn how to break the burnout cycle and foster a healthier, more supportive environment for your agency.

George DeMet
Founder and CEO @ Palantir.net
George DeMet is the founder and CEO of Palantir.net, a full-service digital consultancy that uses open source technologies to help others discover, create, and share knowledge. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for the company and helping support its values and vision.

George has also supported the Drupal project and community in numerous volunteer roles, including serving as on the Drupal Community Working Group and co-chairing DrupalCon Chicago 2011.


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