Getting your feet wet - you're not alone (a beginner's resource guide)

Drupal has an amazing community and body of resources for learning, connecting with individuals and entities, and getting involved. But as a beginner or even a tangential/peripheral user, it can take a bit of stumbling, word of mouth, etc. to know what's out there.

This session provides an aggregated introduction of sorts and walkthrough of some of the most useful resources and tips & tricks I've discovered during my own personal Drupal journey to help others get a jumpstart into the Drupal ecosystem.

Several of the topics to be discussed include:
- A very brief introduction to what Drupal is and does well and comparison with pros/cons to other website building tools
- registration and highlighted resources, including building your profile, following issues, and Planet Drupal
- Getting on Drupal Slack workspace and recommended channels
- Other resources: Drupal events,, Weekly Drop, etc.

The format may be a follow along series of pre-recorded examples or a live example tutorial leading an individual through various tasks to connect with community resources.

David Dowell
Web Lead @ FCC
Tech enthusiast, grassroots NGOer, Federal agency cog, animal lover, dreamer

A lifelong tech enthusiast, my brothers and I set up one of the first private hardwired LANs in 1996 on Okinawa to play WarCraft and Conquest of the New World. I then dual majored in Microbiology and Psychology, before deciding even more classes and lab time weren't my cup of joe, slowly meandering my way into website creation. I now build websites of all sizes and purposes while keeping up to date with the latest tech trends and doing my best to traipse around while doing so.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.