Let's Get Uncomfortable: How to Ask For and Process Feedback

Summary: For many of us, asking for and receiving feedback can be the most nerve-inducing part of our working lives. Our discomfort with this topic results in lost opportunities to address areas of improvement before they influence our career. By taking a passive approach to feedback, we rob ourselves of control over our future impact within our teams, companies, and communities. Using a real example, I'll demonstrate how turning the fear of the unknown into a willingness for open conversation can empower you to enact positive change. Coming out this session you will have a step-by-step guide and a list of resources to use for your own feedback journey!

Audience: Everyone, at any skill level

What's the purpose? The ability to ask for and assess feedback is an underdeveloped skill within the Drupal community (and in general). This session is trying to bring working knowledge to the community so they feel equipped to take ownership over their career growth.

Why attend? To see what benefits asking for proactive feedback can have, and to see an example of how to go about it using a real-life example.

Why select? I've spoken about the value of feedback in the Drupal community three times (BADCAMP, DrupalCon, DrupalCamp Colorado), and attendance was high each time. I think this demonstrates a clear community need. This presentation will be a revised and updated version of the one I gave at BADCAMP 2022. I aim to make the topic engaging through audience participation using Slido.

Cori Neslund
Program Manager @ Palantir.net
An experienced program manager, Cori has held core communication-focused roles in a variety of settings. From small businesses, to the United Way, Deloitte, and now Palantir.net; Cori has found career success by developing her ability to "read the room" and sense where wires have been crossed. Passionate about human-centered approaches to work and leadership, Cori is able to bridge the gap between technical and social communication, resolve blockers, and serve teams so that they can provide their best work to each other and their clients.


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