Web Accessibility in Developing Countries

The topic of my talk revolves around web accessibility in developing countries, with a particular focus on addressing challenges and implementing solutions to ensure inclusivity in the digital realm. Drawing on research and personal experiences as a researcher from Pakistan, I will discuss the impact of limited accessibility, share insights from successful models, and propose strategies for improvement. From tackling infrastructure challenges to emphasizing the principles of inclusive design, the talk aims to underscore the importance of making the internet more accessible for diverse populations, fostering a more equitable and inclusive global digital landscape.

Sheza Munir
Graduate Student Instructor @ University of Michigan School of Information
I'm Sheza Munir, a passionate researcher from Pakistan currently pursuing a Master's in Health Informatics with a Data Science focus at the University of Michigan. My academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from LUMS, and my professional experience spans roles such as a Flutter Engineer at WeOverI and an Open Source Fellow at MLH Fellowship. As a Graduate Student Instructor at UMSI, I am mentoring over 100 students, fostering a positive learning environment. My research contributions include spearheading the creation of an Urdu speech training dataset for deepfake detection at CSALT LUMS and designing 'Aarzu,' a physical therapy application for patients with disabilities. With proficiency in Python, C++, SQL, and various frameworks, I am excited to share insights from my diverse experiences in web accessibility, emphasizing inclusive design and accessible technology for a more equitable digital future in my session.

Anna Vento
Anna Vento is a current graduate student at the University of Michigan studying UX Research and Design. She received her undergraduate degree in computer science at the University of Michigan as well. She has had past internships as a software engineer at Comerica Bank and General Motors, and currently works as a Technical Product Manager at Oracle Netsuite. She has a passion for teaching, as she has been a tutor/TA/Instructor Assistant every year of high school, college, and graduate school. Her hobbies include golfing, long distance running, and weight lifting.

Maryam Namakforoosh
University of Michigan

Spandan Sharma
Graduate Student Instructor @ University of Michigan School of Information
Hello! I am a Master's student at the University of Michigan and I am majoring in Information with a concentration in User-Centered Agile Development. I am also working part-time as a Graduate Student Instructor and teaching over 100 students the concepts of Git, Servers, and Shell. My love for programming can be traced back to my Bachelor's from Carnegie Mellon University where I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and coded for the first time. I am proficient in Python, C, and C++ as well as React Native, JS, and Node.

Coming from India, I have firsthand experience of both worlds: cutting-edge technology that let it land on the south pole of the moon as well as the low data coverage that perpetuates tech illiteracy. I am passionate about creating user-centric design and software and using it to transform lives, whether it is through games that teach binary to decimal conversion or micro-finance apps that help women attain financial freedom. Programming is a means of creating and enacting change so I am excited to share my experiences and gain insights from other tech enthusiasts.

Lindsey Forche
Master's Student @ University of Michigan
She is a Computer Science and Engineering Master's student at the University of Michigan. She is graduating this May and will start as a Software Development Engineer at GoDaddy in the Fall. I enjoy dogs and baking.


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